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Freight auditing has reached a new level

Freight auditing has reached a new levelTOTALFreightPay is not your typical freight payment company. Our freight auditing and freight payment software uses the latest Internet and Microsoft technologies to provide a higher degree of accuracy, speed and data visibility.

TOTALFreightPay immediate converts paper invoices into images to reduce administrative errors and the system employs table- and rules-driven architecture to guarantee freight auditing accuracy. It also processes paper and electronic bills within 24 hours to provide clients and carriers with immediate online visibility. Once processed, invoices are aged according to client payment terms that vary by carrier. Authorized carriers have online access to payment information and clients can also generate a variety of standard and impromptu reports via the Internet.

A freight payment company like no other

A freight payment company like no otherUnlike a typical freight payment company, TOTALFreightPay uses data gleaned from the freight auditing and payment process to help companies make strategic decisions. The system combines a rich data warehouse with a new breed of Microsoft reporting tools to provide clients with exceptional analytical resources that lead to greater operational insights.

As an award-winning 3PL, we can partner with clients to go beyond the data. Using our supply chain expertise, we can help companies identify opportunities for operational improvements and execute strategic initiatives to ensure results. As a 3PL with transportation management technology, we are uniquely qualified to help clients determine whether or not they are moving freight in the most efficient and cost-effective manner as possible.