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Freight bill audit is key to cost savings

Freight bill audit is key to cost savingsTOTALFreightPay offers a comprehensive freight bill audit process that eliminates duplicate payments and billing errors, which can account for up to 5% of a company's transportation spend. Our system employs table- and rules-driven architecture to guarantee freight payment accuracy and facilitate quick and easy customization of rules and tables.

Additionally, it takes a unique approach to paper bills, which continue to be part of the freight payment audit process. Unfortunately, many paper invoices become lost or misplaced, which leads to increased costs. TOTALFreightPay immediately converts paper invoices into images that flow through the payment cycle. Document verification, coding and data capture are performed using images - not paper - and these functions are merged into a single step operation.

Freight payment audit must be accurate

Freight payment audit must be accurateTOTALFreightPay's freight payment audit process is designed to ensure accurate data entry. The application prompts processors through a series of quality control exercises that are based on each client's unique billing requirements. It also uses blind key entry and other processing safeguards to maintain data integrity during freight bill audit.

The system ensures duplicate invoices are not processed and paid. It applies an 18-month freight bill history file to a duplicate billing matrix to search for matching data - carrier, Pro number, SID (Shipment Identification) number and billed amount. Duplicate invoices are automatically rejected to the carrier. However, if valid accessorial or balance due invoices are presented, payment will be allowed.