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Freight payment is key

Freight payment is keyA solid freight payment process guarantees transportation dollars are spent correctly. It is a final and vital component of the shipment lifecycle that demands accurate and efficient management. A freight payment manager needs to ensure the process is accurate and efficient; he or she must utilize methods and technologies that guarantee proper carrier reimbursement.

TOTALFreightPay is designed to provide freight payment managers with the tools they need to keep pace with the rapidly evolving world of freight payment. The system uses check-and-balance software to ensure precise data entry that leads to a reliable freight payment process that produces administrative efficiencies and transportation cost savings.

Empower your freight payment manager

Empower your freight payment managerA freight payment manager must be equipped with the proper freight payment tools and technologies. He or she must drive a process that is equally accurate and efficient. A freight payment manager is empowered when armed with advanced freight payment software that combines the latest Internet technology and Microsoft reporting tools.

TOTALFreightPay is designed to help a freight payment manager be as effective as possible. The system delivers a higher degree of freight payment visibility to give clients a strategic vantage point that yields a host of immediate and long-term benefits. In addition to cost savings, data gleaned from the freight payment process can lead to valuable company-wide initiatives, i.e. network redesign, freight optimization, proactive carrier management.