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Just outsourcing freight payables operations can reduce your freight spend by 3-5%. Minimizing incorrect or duplicate invoices reduces costs by an additional 2-5%.* Factor in TOTALFreightPay's exceptional performance and your savings can increase exponentially.


  • saves time:
    • reduces administrative time
    • provides 24-hour turnaround for payment processing and data visibility
    • features online invoice resolution
    • features Window-based tools for quick access to data and reports
  • saves money:
    • eliminates duplicate carrier invoicing
    • eliminates billing errors through an automated and thorough auditing process
    • reduces invoice processing costs
    • does not require a software purchase
  • improves carrier relations
    • provides authorized carriers with online access to data
    • features user-friendly technology and carrier support
    • pays invoices on client-scheduled aging cycles

*Data from Capgemini and Spinnaker Management as cited in "Boosting Invoice IQ," Inbound Logistics magazine, September 2009.