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How It Works

24-hour freight payment processing cycle
  1. Data Capture: Paper invoices are received, bar-coded, client-batched and scanned. Scanned images are entered into the system and edited. EDI invoices are electronically captured and edited.
  2. Duplicate Billing Verification: The invoice is matched against the client's 18-month freight bill history using various combinations of carrier, pro, SID and amount captured to ensure it has not been paid previously.
  3. Auditing: The system compares the rated shipment cost to the carrier amount captured and flags variances for auditing review and resolution. All flagged invoices are resolved as Pay as Presented, Reject to Carrier or Cut and Pay.
  4. Payment Aging: Freight invoices are now visible online. They are aged according to client-specified and carrier-specific payment terms.
  5. Carrier Payment/Client Funding: Scheduled payments are funded by clients and released to carriers.
  6. Reporting: A rich data warehouse supports all ad-hoc and customized transportation/financial reporting.